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God’s Power – The Secret of Weakness

Gottes Kraft
Ruth Zacharias:
"God's Power – The Secret of Weakness"

A book by Ruth Zacharias about
her life for deafblind people

Hardcover: 318 pages

With photos

Price: 24.90 Euro

Publisher: edition winterwork

ISBN-10: 3960144008
ISBN-13: 978-3960144007

Available for purchase from
Ruth Zacharias

After 10 years, the fight for deafblindness to be legally recognized as a disability in its own right by the German Bundestag was won in December 2016. With this decision there are now about 6,000 known deafblind citizens in Germany. Ruth Zacharias belongs to those who engaged in this fight. Her whole career as a pastor was dedicated to the cause of deafblind people. She was born in 1940 and became blind at the age of 10. After her training in ecclesiastic community work, she worked in Braille typesetting and proofreading for the Christian Blind Service in Wernigerode, Germany, for 10 years. Thereafter followed her theological studies in Berlin. The commission to set up an evangelical ministry for the deafblind in East Germany was given with her ordination.
The result is a lifetime's work with several areas of work for deafblind persons based in Radeberg, Germany. Ruth Zacharias has received numerous honours; the latest one on her 75th birthday by Deafblind International. Ruth Zacharias is still active in her foundation and in the Botanical Sensory Garden. (Jacket blurb)

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