My Motivation to Set Up the Foundation

I vividly remember the day in 1995 when two members of a different foundation paid the Deafblind Service of the Protestant Church in Germany a visit. They endeavoured to learn how their foundation could support our work. Our intense conversation lasted for hours.

"How are you ensuring that money from legacies flows into your work? More and more social and diaconal work will have to be financed by private funding. Public funding is going to decrease. Funding pools will be emptied. How will you continue then?"

1995 – These were new thoughts for me. What will you do then? This question continued to be on my mind.
Already in 1995, these two gentlemen from the board of trustees thought with a long-term perspective and foresaw today's reality. The funding pools are increasingly empty, but the work must continue to be financed.

The following questions emerged from my personal experience and are meant for reflection, examination and decision-making:
  • What is my responsibility with what I have accomplished in my life and work?
  • What is my responsibility as a Christian with what I have accomplished in my life and work?
  • How much good can and do I want to do with my estate?
  • Why should the administration of my estate be left to chance?
  • Which legacy do I want to establish?
  • Who should be the heir?
  • Why would I want to come to the end of my life without arranging a last will and testament?

The German Constitution specifies that "property entails responsibility". To continue this interpretation will lead to the conclusion that health, talents and abilities, a lifetime and the fruit of a life also entail responsibility. Ultimately, we are but stewards of the gifts received and entrusted to us.

Ruth Zacharias 2021

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