The Board

The position of chairperson is held by pastor Joachim Schmid (Deafblind Association Switzerland, Zürich).
The position of vice chairperson is held by Ms. Ruth Zacharias who manages the transactions of the foundation.

How to contact pastor Joachim Schmid:

E-Mail: joachim.schmid(at)tbh.ch

How to contact Ruth Zacharias:

Tel.: +44 3528 / 46 30 746
Available by phone from Monday to Friday 11:00 – 12:00 and 19:30 – 21:30
Fax: +44 3528 / 46 30 747
E-Mail: info(at)ruth-zacharias-stiftung.de

Members of the Board:

Helmut Braun (Lawyer Landau, Germany)
Reverend Erdmann Paul, retired (Freiberg, Germany)
Rector Stephan Siegmund (Dresden, Germany)
Pastor Ruth Zacharias, retired (Radeberg, Germany)

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